Gus Isidore is a lefty upside down guitar player as well as a song writer born and raised in London, UK but has lived and travelled all over the world.

Has strummed his fretboard for the likes of Mark Bolan, Peter Green, Peter Gabriel, Phil Lynott & Seal, amongst many others in his long career.

Co-wrote the platinum 1994 multi-million selling Seal 2 album, including “Prayer for the Dying” which he received a BMI Award for.

Gus grew up in a musical family. His father and his two older brothers, Conrad and Reg, had a clear influence on him. But listening to Jimi Hendrix and eventually mum buying him his first guitar at the age of 10, really decided what his future career would be. He developed his own unique guitar style and sound as he had no formal tuitions.

At the age of only 16, Gus formed his own 3-piece band and hit the road. He has never looked back since.

He joined up and toured with the band The Foundations. That tour brought him to the attention of Marc Bolan, T. Rex with whom he went on to record the album “Dandy in the Underworld”. Afterwards he toured with Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac).

In 1982, he met Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy) and was invited to be part of his solo touring band and song co-writer. For the next four years they worked together up until Phil’s untimely death.

Gus met with Seal originally in 1987 and played guitar on his early demos, then performed on his first album featuring songs “Crazy”, “Killer” and “Future Love Paradise”. He continued to work with Seal up to 1994, promoting and touring and co-writing his second album titled “Seal II” featuring the hits “Kiss from a Rose” and Gus’s “Prayer for the Dying”.

Whilst recording Seal’s second album at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studio, Gus was invited by Daniel Lanois to play acoustic guitar on Peter Gabriel’s “US” album.

Seal-Isidore partnership is still ongoing. You can spot Gus time to time on Seal’s tours and they are currently collaborating on the Seal’s next album.

Having vast live-music and recording session experience and working with top world artists helped Gus to further develop as an excellent musician and an entertaining performer. The music producer Trever Horn admired Gus’s “great feel”. His soulful, bluesy and funky style coupled with his signature open tuning is very reminiscent of a modern Jimi Hendrix. But it does not stop there…Please, judge for yourself.